Fruit Facial Kit 6 In 1

PH Balanced with Herbal Actives.

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Product description

PH Balanced with Herbal Actives.
Free from Harmful Chemicals.
Eco friendly & Human friendly.
No animal testing.

This Pack Contains : 
1. Zaver’s Fruit Pre- Cleanser                50g.      
2. Zaver’s Fruit  Facial Scrub                50g.
3. Zaver’s Fruit Facial  Gel                     50g.
4. Zaver’s Fruit Facial Massage Cream   50g.     
5. Zaver’s Fruit  Facial  Pack        50g.   
6. Zaver’s Fruit Serum                25g

Cleanse with Zaver’s deep-pore Cleansing Milk Morning & Night
Protect with Zaver’s Sun Protect Sun Screen Morning
Lotion with SPF20
Keep your skin well hydrated          Night
with Zaver’s Moisturiser
Brighten with Zaver’s Face Packs  Twice a Week

How to Use

For usage see the "Product Description" tab